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) With the help of graphic design majors at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, COA turned this history into something profound, democratic and beautiful. "The people's history of Chattanooga," COA proclaims. (Did you know that an original Black Panther grew up near 10th Street?

Cook split with Shaw in February 2014 over his skirt-chasing ways, and then earned himself a reputation in the Hamptons for covertly photographing young women in public places.Its host is Andy Cohen, of Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live," who will bring his personal brand of audacious fun to the series, Fox said.This edition revives one of TV's most popular syndicated game-show hits. They each tell of valiant, (extra)ordinary Chattanoogans fighting back against racism, and their stories should tumble easily out of our mouths, placed centrall in the canon of Chattanooga history. Last summer, COA began a 100-hour project — combing through library archives, microfilm and old newspapers to document the forgotten stories of anti-racist resistance in Chattanooga.

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"There is a treasure trove of significance that isn't talked about," said Michael Gilliland, board chairman for the social justice group Chattanooga Organized for Action.

A sequel, Walter and June (1983) was adapted from Cook’s novel Winter Doves and featured Sarah Miles as a suicidal young mother.