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04-Oct-2017 07:32

I look after myself, I'm in good shape, I deserve better than being someones doormat. Relationships of all kinds - I suggest that it is good to work at developing all the relationships in your life, including those with your family and relatives, workmates, friends, and, of course, with actual and potential soulmates. These days people seem to value other than the life they actually have. If you do find someone it'll take equal amount of dedication and effort from both sides to make it work.

It's all about eachother and not an individual.

Haven't been out for years and honestly have been putting it off.

How has everyone else coped venturing back out on the dating scene after the end of an important relationship in your life?

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We are not responsible for the accuracy of any information or links posted by forum members.Single dad, 40, getting back into dating after divorce.It all seems really scary, I'm not looking for ONS but want to meet and try to get a relationship going with a single mum.All I can say is don't rush into the first one you come close to. Enjoy your freedom for awhile, trust don't want to go through another rough relationship and find yourself in the same spot again so go out there and just cherish the moments. S119, is the shock I'm in for because of expectations I might have or because attitudes and ideals have changed?

Give yourself time to flush away the things from your past marriage because the last thing you wanna do is drag negative vibe from the past into a new relationship. I think you have to somehow find a balance between seeing the good in your past relationship and at the same time looking ahead.

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