Dating fender guitar necks

27-Aug-2017 01:32

The Charley replicas sold for 00, and are now selling for 00 if you can find one. Fender's Custom Shop employs some of the best craftsman in the business, and it is not unusual for their guitars to sell for thousands of dollars due to the number of hours spent handcrafting each guitar.It is certainly not unusual for artwork to sell for ,000, and that's one way to look at this guitar.If you can detect any pixelation in the sticker characters under a magnifying glass, then you have a fake Fender.Also, a proper Fender headstock looks finished and smooth.In November 2003, Fender announced that 100 guitars would be made, priced at ,000 each, all made by John Cruz.The guitar debuted at the winter NAMM show January 15-18, 2004.I believe the first Tribute Strat is JC044 and the last JC229. Stevie's guitar is one of the most easily identifiable, famous guitars in history, and folks other than Fender have made dozens of replicas of Number One at prices from several hundred to five thousand dollars.He mentioned to me that Jimmie was getting three of the guitars. Replicas of Stevie's Hamiltone have sold for up to 00, I'm told.

Companies that had been manufacturing Accordions for 20 years, retooled for electric guitars.When I toured the Fender factory in California in 2001, there was discussion about a possible limited edition Custom Shop replica of Number One.At that time, it was suggested that there might be as few as four replicas made.A genuine Fender will have smooth edges and completely painted surfaces.

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One big-time tell-tale sign of a fake is when you can make out rough edges and incomplete paint just inside that juncture of the body and neck. Grab the tremolo arm (the whammy bar) and give it a gentle nudge up and down.

If, on the other hand, you have a counterfeit Fender, the fret ends will generally feel rough and uneven, and you will find rough, improperly finished lacquer. Examine the Fender logo and all the other words and icons on the headstock.

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